Order your Yearbook!


Yearbook orders will ONLY be taken online at www.jostens.com.


  • Now until October 25th: $30 for yearbook or $36 for yearbook + personalization with name and 4 free icons.

  • October 26th – December 20th: $35 for yearbook or $41 for yearbook + name personalization. Icons will cost $2 each.

  • After December 20th, the base cost of yearbooks will go up to $40.

Go to www.Jostens.com. Find David Elementary (listed in Spring, TX) to order. The final deadline for Yearbook sales is February 28, 2020.




**We Need Your Photos**


Everything you need to know about submitting photos to the Yearbook below. The more photos we have, the better our yearbook will be! The more photos you submit, the better your chances are of having your photo(s) published! *There is no guarantee that all pictures submitted will be published!


Submitting photos to the yearbook


  • In order to submit photos directly from your phone you will need to install the ReplayIt app which can be found at www.replayit.com

  • You can also submit photos from your computer at www.replayit.com

  • The password is: Splash2016

  • Photos will be accepted through ReplayIt until February 14th


Tagging Photos


  • The most important thing to tag is the GRADE of the students in the photo

  • You can also add the names and the activity (such as Red Wagon Parade)


If you have a 4th Grader


  • We will be featuring 4th grade baby photos again this year

  • To submit a baby picture of your 4th grader please submit it either through the Replayit app or at www.replayit.com

  • It is very important that you tag both “4th grade baby photo” and the NAME OF THE BABY

  • The Deadline is February 14th

Buy a Recognition Ad for your child:


  • Anyone can buy a recognition ad! This is a great way to honor your student for all their hard work this year. They are just $15 for 1/8 page. Go to www.Jostens.com. The deadline for Recognition Ad sales is February 13, 2020.



If you have any questions, please email Stephanie Roberge at DavidPTOYearbook@gmail.com